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Providing Delmarva, Eastern Shores of MD and Sussex County DE with Sheds and Garages for over 30 Years.

Quality Difference

People often ask us, “What’s the difference between your $349 Amish built poly Adirondack chairs and the ones we can order online for $199?”
Great question! We feel the extra $150 is worth an investment that lasts a lifetime.
☀️ 20 Year Warranty – LOCAL SERVICE – no assembly, disassembly, packaging, shipping. If it by small chance it breaks, we replace it. Easy!
☀️ Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hardware – no rust
☀️ Hidden Hardware – no unsightly screw heads
☀️ No Gaps in Slats or Seat Back
☀️ Mortise and Tenon Construction – sturdy, sturdy, sturdy
☀️ Easy to Clean & Maintain
☀️ No rot, no rust, no grimy green stuff
☀️ Family owned Amish manufacturers, family owned local retailer
☀️ Five Star Google Reviews
☀️ Live Customer Service – You Call, We Answer
🛠You assemble
🪛Visible Screws
🔨Fewer Poly Slats, Large Gap in Bottom Seat Slats & Back
🪑Backs aren’t Contoured
🧽Hard to Keep Clean
📦Returns Require Shipping
👎No Stainless Steel Hardware
⌚️Limited Warranty
☎️ Who Do You Call if Something’s Wrong??
Open 9-5 Daily. 443-727-3017. Rt. 113, Bishopville, MD

How to clean poly furniture

One of the biggest questions we get from customers is, “How do we clean our poly furniture”? This is especially true if you have the white poly wood. A standard cleaning involves using a sponge or rag and some simple dish soap. You can also use a pressure washer on a low setting and be careful not to get too close or you could fray the material. For stains and harder to clean pieces I have a few products that I have found to be the best over the years:
1. Magic Erasers
2. Simple Green or Mean green for the green/black biological growth like algae etc
3. 409
4. Bleach (WHITE ONLY!)
5. Finch makes an organic cleaner

My preferred method is to use one of these sprays, wait a few minutes, and then scrub down with the magic eraser. Afterwards, I wash off the residue and the chairs look great!

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Poly Surfboard Bar Set With Saddle Stools

Elevate your outdoor dining experience with a poly surfboard bar set with saddle stools!  Made of HDPE poly these sets will withstand the weather and make a great place to hang out with friends for food or drinks.  Available in many different solid, two tone, or wood grain colors.  Marine grade stainless steel so these will not crack, rust, or rot.  The table comes with a bottle opener and a shelf underneath for phones or towels.  Includes an umbrella hole to insert your standard size umbrella.  Talk about a conversation piece! Woodlandsheds.com or follow us on Facebook: Facebook

New Engraved Marine Poly Folding Chairs

Brand new Marine Poly Folding Chairs offer a nautical engraving that is sure to stand out from your neighbor’s chairs!  This marine grade poly material stays cleaner than normal poly, especially white!  There are many different engravings available and in all the different poly material colors.

Wooden shed vs vinyl shed

We often get asked by our customers, “Do you prefer wooden sheds or vinyl sheds?”.  In the past cheaper t1-11 lumber was used but now our wooden sheds are equipped with SmartSiding, a durable material with wax that is more water resistant than wooden sheds of the past.  Vinyl is currently more expensive, but many customers prefer to match their house siding as closely as possible in both color and material for their shed.  Another consideration is that if you are mowing grass near your shed or weed whacking a small object or stone could hit the shed.  With some quick touch up paint you can quickly fix a chip in a wooden shed.  If something goes through the vinyl shed, you have a bit of a harder fix!  Either way, our Amish built sheds are high quality and built to last decades.


Wood Garages and Vinyl Garages

Wooden Garage!  Vinyl Garage!  High quality Amish built car and storage garages.  Outstanding quality that will hold up to the outdoor weather.  Various colors available and sizes even 14 foot wide to 40 foot long!  Includes roll up garage door and side door to store vehicles and general storage.